Tips and Tricks

Remove all the tags or unwanted object from your garments.

 New clothes are more likely to transfer dye than worn clothes, so don’t put darks in with your whites. New dark items are especially prone to bleeding.

Treat stains the right way, and right away.

Wash clothes inside-out. Protect the important part of a garment—the outside—by simply turning it inside out before you wash them.

Avoid leaving wet clothes in a pile. Dry/hang them after washing them. 

Unbutton your clothes. This will prevent the clothes from rending during the washing process. 

We do not guarantee that the items will not be altered (color runs, size shrinks...ect) after washed or soaked.

X  Don’t soak 

X  Don’t bleach.

Beezelments held no responsible after you washed/soaked. We will not entertain any return/refund after you washed/soaked your clothes. 

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